The Creation

      When I first started my business, I never thought it would get here. I started it as a hobby after I bought way too much product to make lip gloss just for myself. Earlier that year, I had ran into a beautiful and well spoken black entrepreneur that encouraged me to start my own business. She was so insistent on it that it stuck in the back of my mind. I don't think I would've taken the leap if it wasn't for her, honestly. In light of all that, I was quick to secure my domain because I liked the idea of having a custom URL, and I'm glad I did. 
      Creating the different shades of the glosses and making my own formula was so much fun. I felt like a mad scientist creating their latest design. It was really important to me that if I made any glosses, I would actually wear them myself. So one thing that I made it a point to avoid was stickiness. Personally, I love to pile on layer after layer of gloss, but I hated it when my lips would feel gummy or tacky from poorly made gloss. That is why I made sure my gloss was a smooth formula that felt velvety between the lips. 
      Another major problem I had with certain glosses was peeling or dry lips. Instead of moisturizing my lips, it would instead almost act as a temporary barrier from the elements or would exacerbate my already peeling lips. That's where my formula comes in. I read that grapeseed and jojoba oil were a really good source of moisture, vitamin E, and healing. You'll notice that when you use my gloss that if you let it sit on your lips for a while, they soften, and even when the gloss has dried, your lips are left moisturized. I'm very proud of that!
      I'm sure that me a couple months ago would've never thought we'd be here, but I'm glad it all came to pass.