What's Next?

      When I created Drip By Honey, I wasn't really thinking about long term, and it showed. From the admittedly poorly taken photos of products to the college themed font and color scheme, my head was clearly somewhere else. So what's next?

      Well, the biggest elephant in the room is the drastic changes to the website front, theme, logo, and product pictures. I've been prepping my website and brand for its new phase. Classy and sleek, but still me. I want my brand to look more professional instead of like a side project, especially since I put so much time and investment into it. I want both my returning customers and newcomers to take my brand seriously. Not only did I make the upgrade to higher quality ingredients, but I also took the leap to advance to wand tubes. I found a nice, communicative vendor and a design that I am sure will dazzle! 

      I also have an announcement to make. Sometime in the coming future, I will be creating and selling whipped body butters! There will be two combinations to choose from with natural scents. No artificial scents will be added to protect people with allergies. I'm super excited for this expansion and I hope I will also have your support.